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“… A guitar solo worthy of Pat Metheny”


“…Every improvisation met his specifications of logic and intrigue, succeeding on a level few guitarists ever get to.”


"Adam has a highly personal lyrical style and approach. I expect that he will make an important contribution to the international music community.”


Adam Ratner is a guitarist, composer and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. His ultimate goal is to make deep music.


He has performed and recorded with artists including KNOWER, Larry Goldings, David Binney, Louis Cole, Genevieve Artadi, Sam Amidon, Ravi Coltrane, Ben Wendel, Nate Wood, Justin Brown, Tim Lefebvre, Sam Wilkes, Frederico Heliodoro, Fabiano do Nascimento, Sam Gendel, Darek Oles, Itiberê Zwarg Collective, and Shin Sasakubo. Adam’s releases have been featured on numerous Spotify editorial playlists, including 21st Century Jazz, and he has recorded on albums for Stones Throw Records, Leaving Records, Atlantic, Terrible Records, and Rings Label (Japan).

He has been featured on releases including Genevieve Artadi’s album La, La, La, Louis Cole's Live Sesh & Xtra Songs & Louis Cole Big Band, Sam Wilkes’ Live on the Green, David Binney's Aerial 2, Sam Gendel's Infinity, 4444, 2016, Peaking & Volunteered Slavery, Shin Sasakubo's Venus Penguin,  Fabiano do Nascimento's Theme in CRio Bonito & NPR Tiny Desk Concert, and on KNOWER's upcoming album.

Adam's solo releases include Dreamscape, Novo Horizonte, Dreams So Real, Into the Wave & Light Waves, featuring Louis Cole, Genevieve Artadi, David Binney, Sam Wilkes, Jacob Mann, & Tamir Barzilay. His new album featuring many special guests including Justin Brown, Frederico Heliodoro and more will be released soon.

As an educator Adam was featured as faculty at FIMUCA 2020 (Festival Internacional de Música) a Brazilian government sponsored guitar seminar, along with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mike Moreno and Daniel Santiago, and at BIMM Institute of Music, London.

"Guitarist and composer Adam Ratner is breaking with the tradition of jazz and taking it to new levels."

- Somos Grandes (Spain)


"...A guitar solo worthy of Pat Metheny"



"Experimental Jazz/Ambient/New Age/Post-Rock/Spiritual"

-Dublab Japan

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Guitarist and composer Adam Ratner is breaking with the tradition of jazz and taking it to new levels."


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